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Protecting Data in AWS

Delphix's Viral Shah , Technical Manager Customer Services, took an in depth look at protecting your data in AWS using Delphix. Data is the one of the most critical assets for any Organization. Over the last few years, we all have seen exponential data growth across all Industries; and more...

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How to solve warning related to DB2 staging/target host about ioctl system call

Warning : Warning occured when DB2 staging/target host is added to Delphix Engine. '/home/dpxstg/toolkit/Delphix COMMON 423655e4 1864 9991 f7a3 169c8d422718 dpxstg host/scripts/bin/dlpx pfexec nfso -L' exited with a non-zero exit code: stty: tcgetattr: A specified file does not support the ioctl...

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Amazon EBS Data Encryption Impact on Delphix Performance

Interested in how Delphix performs using AWS EBS Data Encryption? Check out our study: Performance Impact - Data Encryption #Tip #DemoEnvironment

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Delphix for Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

Introduction The Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery movement is transforming software development processes andexpectations CI/CD has enabled innovative firms to push new code and new features orders of magnitude fasterthan ever before, delivering unprecedented...